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Neon Dawn  Songs  (Tralala)

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Name: Scott Mclean


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I'm a home recording artist and i've been playing guitar for twenty years. I'd like to eventually own a decent digital 8-track recording device but for the moment i get by with the most basic of equipment, I own an Gibson SG, a Digitech multi-effects processor and a desktop pc. With these items i have produced what i would call a reasonable attempt at psychedelic, spacey avant-garde music in the vein of early Pink Floyd but purely instrumental.
I do believe that i have only just scratched the surface of what i can do musically. And it is great that in an on-line environment people who wouldn't otherwise have been able to listen can do so.
The sound quality of my recordings thus far is not great, it's not terrible either but alas it's not studio polished, but in a way i kind of like it like that. Of course studio production and sound engineering in general is something which i would like to pursue.
So, when it comes to the playing of guitar, i like to think of myself as a bit of a virtuoso. I can play many styles and there is just something really satisfying about flying all over the frets as speed. Musical theory i believe helps one to advance as a musician but it is not crucial. The most important thing is to have a good ear and a passion for music. With these two elements combined really the sky is the limit as far as ambition is concerned.
I would like to perhaps find like-minded individuals who share my musical interests and who have the talent to back it up. I'd like to meet people who can think outside of the box as far as music is concerned.
As far as the style of music which i would like to further develop well i do aspire to the whole progressive music scene. There are some really great bands around today that i find very inspiring and they take their cue i believe from classic Pink Floyd.
The most important thing for me is not fame or fortune but in being able to truly fulfil my vision of the music i's like to make. Of course if fame or fortune were to come my way i wouldn't knock it but it's certainly not something which concerns me really.





Age: 35Year of birth: 1976Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 3

Gender: male

Work: Freelance Genius

Place of living: Glasgow

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