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Andrew Wiseman

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Name: Andrew

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My name is Andrew Wiseman,and I'm the beginner composer from Russia,I been started my music activity about ten years ago,I were play in the Rock-band,afterward I've study classic vocals,some period of time I was studying in Art college!I play guitar and sing!.I write music in diffirent styles,but basically I'd prefer define my main genres as classical crossover,neo-classic,avant-garde,experimental,and I think that some of my compositions might be use as soundtrack,especially for thriller,suspence or horor movies:).Actually,my music preferences are very diffirent!I like classical music,Jazz and blues music,Classic Hard Rock and Heavy metal music,Black metal,Doom metal,Symho metal,Progressive! Also I'm a theatrical actor

Age: 27Year of birth: 1984Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 18

Gender: male

Work: no

Place of living: Russia

Known languages

heavy metalprogressive metalsynth


Idols: There are s omuch and to diffirent

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