34) Should it always be legal to copy music for private use?

Number of voters: 28
* a) Yes.
Number of votes: 8 (29%)
* b) Yes, but not to spread it to others.
Number of votes: 12 (43%)
* c) No, at least not from someone else.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* d) No, all copying is stealing and should be illegal unless the maker allows something else.
Number of votes: 8 (29%)

2008-01-05 [Geezer Young]: I guess that says what we starving musicians think about copying.

2008-01-09 [E-3.4again]: it does,like!

2008-02-09 [manomachine]: when i was a kid the only way to get to hear new music was on copied tapes

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