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Geezer Young (optimistic)

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Name: Muzz Horn

Band name: Geezer Young


Dear Friends; my soon to be released 1st solo effort is almost finished and in the graphics stages, will have 12 slide-guitar trax coming at ya in January 2010! G.Y.

Geezer Young: Designer of the 8-string resophonic guitar, Muzz Horn writes and performs his own blues compositions in a semi-acoustic format, venturing into light feedback and cut times. His slide playing is not the average electric blues type, nor the Hawaian style, yet he utilizes the bottleneck for chord playing while fretting under the slide for minor, 7th and 9th chords. The precision needed for this type of playing leaves him staring contantly at his fretboard while singing and playing, giving the impression he doesn't notice there is an audiance out there. In April 2008, in combination with 3 other artists, (Roman Madrolle, Maxwell and Torres and Bai Kamara Jr.), Geezer Young will be releasing 3 trks in a compilation CD, called "Artists In a Bottle"..
"I have been playing guitar as a sideman for 33 years in funk-punk, psychodelic-western, blues-rock, african and pop bands. My ears being bashed to bits over this time, I began playing bottleneck-slide delta-blues with upright bass and cajon in 2002. I began writing my own songs in a Delta Blues format and eventually produced a 10 song CD demo called,"Guru Blues". This was the demo that was re-produced for the A.I.B project." I have had the pleasure of producing demos for the likes of Gered Stowe, (Earthman Doublewood), Korin Foy, Yogi T., and Silverbird while in Belgium. My time in the states while growing up was (basically) a string of garage bands that never did anything.
The compilation project,"Artists In a Bottle", is an attempt to get musical 'friends' to band together to form a team to conquer the new music industry un-folding in our generation. Take a look @; or check me out on youtube/geezeryoung/brokendownpalace: peace-all

Age: 52Year of birth: 1959Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 18

Gender: male

Work: play gigs and work full time!

Place of living: Brussels Belgium

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Idols: J. McLaughlin, C. Cornell, D. Boon, Jr Kimbrough, Lowell George, André Williams.

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