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Author: Hedda Posted: (5115 days ago)
Subject: MusMakers!

Well, you're already here, so I don't have to inform you about this site.

However, I put up some AdWord-ads for MusMakers now. I don't know how effective they will be, but I'll try for a week or so, and see what happens.

I put the ads on the sites:

There were some 100 other sites, but most of them were mostly for cool music, concert dates and lots of moving stuff, so I didn't want to advertice there. If you know the perfect site to advertice MusMakers in, let me know! ( mentioned in [2197 (Unknown or private posting)] are not available.)

I really wanted a site that only talks about equipment for recording music, but doesn't have any possibility to upload or discuss music.

Here is the ad I put up (I'm spending a maximum of $5 a day and how long it will run depends on how sucessful the campaign is):

Upload and discuss musik
Meet other musicians worldwide and
upload music without limit.

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