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Featured Song - How It Works

In order for your song to be featured, first it must follow the rules posted on the Featured Song - Rules page.

Featured songs are chosen by Staff members and their secret minions. You may nominate a song on the Featured Song - Submissions page.

Once a song is chosen, the artist will be contacted by a Staff member to set up an interview. The interview process will include questions pertaining to the inspiration behind the song as well as a little about the artist.

After all that is done, the song will be featured on the Main page and the artist will be awarded a special badge!

Featured Song
Featured Song - How It Works
Featured Song - Rules
Featured Song - Submissions
Featured Song - Suggestions
Featured Song - Hall Of Fame
Featured Song - Untouchables

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2005-06-20 [pixie_shimmer]: (Featured songs are chosen and Once a song is chosen ^__^ This looks really god by the way!

2005-06-20 [djxmonster]: Thank you Pixie!

2005-10-19 [pixie_shimmer]: ^_^

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