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2007-02-01 07:23:11
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February Recording Challenge

So you're having a lot of almost finished songs lying around, but never get them really finished? Well, stop that and record them and upload them!

This idea comes from (among others).


§1 You should record and upload at least 10 song to MusMakers during February (2007, but there will a February next year too).

§2 The songs should be of good quality. Avoid perfection, because that will get you stuck, but take the recordings into a final stage, even if that doesn't stop you from making a better version later.

§3 If you manage this, you'll get the honour of being mentioned on MusMakers' Main page for at least a year. And you will feel a great satisfaction with yourself!

§4 Write a note here, if you have succeeded:

See also Band promotion.
/[Hedda] - challenge boss

Username (or number or email):


2007-03-01 [Hedda]: Hrmf! No recorder here obviously. 10 songs is a little too much, I guess.

We'll try again next year!

2008-01-18 [Hedda]: Well, should we try again?

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