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HOWTO make a real web-page on MusMakers

So you think that your song-listing on for example is ugly? Well, it is, but you can create your own web-page that looks exactly as you want it! It's very easy if you know HTML, otherwise I suggest that you take a look at first and also view the source of simple web-pages you like.

Step by step

1) Write a wiki-page name to the right in the form where it says "Wiki-page". Make sure you come to an empty page! Some tips: It's best if the page-name contains only english letters and numbers. An underscore (_) might be preferable instead of a space because the later will turn into %20 in the URL. Example: I pick the name "hedda".

2) Then you press edit on that wiki-page. Paste in a HTML-page that you have written by hand, in some program or made in another way. You might also want to select "editable by owner only" (Or if your band has a forum - select that!).

3) Submit the page (Ignore that everything looks bad!) and then press the button "Export raw HTML".

Example Now I have the page and I can give that nicely looking (Well...) address to all my fans! You can copy the HTML from there to use as a start, if you want.

What is possible?

Nothing stops you from having flash, java or what-ever on the page. You can upload all kinds of file as "music" and if you export a wiki-page page with a name ending with ".css" rawly, then you can have stylesheet information in that wiki-page.

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