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2006-06-02 19:36:51
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[Atayemi] for Crew!

What will I do?

Hopefully I will be able to keep MusMakers exciting and carry on bringing in more fun things like competitions and different wikis which can suit everybody's taste. Maybe different sections for different genres of music and instruments could be included somewhere. On the wikis for example.
What can I do?

Well I am a member of Elftown, Elfpack, Cathug and FAKE(not that I like to admit it XD) so I know the basic controls of MusMakers because they're the same as ET, EP, CH and FAKE so I can get around pretty easily. Same with wikis, I can lay them out neatly and carefully without a problem like the one you're hopefully reading now! XP I could make some house dividers and things which can make the members of MusMakers houses neater and seem more tidy. :) I've also got priv 99 so I can upload transparent gifs for MusMakers Graphics

How long for?
Until this computer explodes and until MusMakers decides to see the last of it's days of course! I'm on the computer it doesn't really matter. Even an hour can be enough to get jobs done for me. :)

Everday probably, unless I'm away on holiday, the internet has crashed or I've been banned from the computer. I have to share yes, my computer isn't perfect! And it's not just mine! XD

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2006-06-01 [Hedda]: You seem OK, but there isn't much you have done here, and you haven't been active for a time (6 days) now. If you want to get some specific project going, you can just start it and you'll get privs somehow to get the project done.

2006-06-02 [Atayemi]: I was on holiday. XD But I'll be on more often now. :) I've already got priv 99. oO

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