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2007-03-05 05:34:08
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Instrument Fandom!

If you are anything like myself, you have that frequent, slightly creepy musician quality: you love your instrument. Some may say you love it a little too much... but they'll never understand the bond between a musician and their instrument.

Show us pictures! [we know you have them!]... Talk with the other instrument-obsessed. Let us get to know your precious ;)

Note: Initial idea/inspiration is accredited to [TromBebop], who created the wonderful, yet disappointingly underused Instrument Fandom page in Elftown.

[Tyrana]'s wonderful metal clarinet. Found at a yard sale, in terrible condition. Lovingly cleaned, oiled, and polished to its current state.

[Sir. Robert]'s Trombone (lovingly referred to as Schwarzenegger) Had it since 5th grade and wouldnt trade it for the world :P

[Sir. Robert]'s Trumpet (no name yet) I just got it this Christmas and I hope to learn how to play it by the end of the year :P

[Nick]'s 6 string bass, sadly it has been named Harriet Tubman. I think t will be sold soon to make way for Tubman 2, the 7 string bass I am buying soon.

See also: The Brass Section

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2006-01-09 [Sir. Robert]: I must learn the story behind getting a metal clarinet! I think this is the first one I've ever seen :)

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