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My condenser MIC SM pro audio.


MC01 - Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone 
The MC01 is a 1" large diaphragm condenser microphone perfect for a wide range of applications in the studio environment.
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Designed for use in studios, concert halls, and broadcast applications the MC01 is well-known for its wide frequency response, smooth response curve, large dynamic range, and low distortion.

The combination of tapered low end and upper presence rise really lends the MC01 to vocals, however you will find the microphone equally well suited to many other applications including acoustic guitar etc.

Featuring our precision 1" Gold Sputtered Diaphragm, discrete Class A FET electronics with transformer coupled balanced output, -10dB PAD, -10dB 85Hz Bass rolloff, the MC01 will find a place in any studio.

The SM MC01 ships with shockmount and carry pouch as standard.

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2007-03-17 [Rolo]: nice.. very very nice

2007-03-18 [Moonknight]: :)

2008-06-16 [Katherine]: Condensers are sooo sexy.

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