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Recording Your Music


Are you not sure how to go about recording yourself to share your music with Musmakers? We have compiled a list of computer programs that allow you to record to your computer with a little bit of information and links to where you can find some of them.


Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.



"The closest native equivalent to Cubase® for Linux" – Sound on Sound
Rosegarden is a professional audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment.


Acid XPress

Acid XPress is a free loop-based music software. You can download royalty-free loops and samples or create your own. This is a good program for anytime you need to work with more than one track or sound at a time (Bass, lead vocal, guitar, etc.).


(If you like Acid XPress, I suggest looking into ACID Music Studio and Acid Pro

Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio is a freeware MIDI notation program. It has a simple, easy-to-learn interface, and a solid MIDI percussion tool as well the standard multiple track mixer. It does what it sets out to do, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Fruity Loops

Fruity loops is a sequencer application, with loads of handy utilities for creating drum loops, adding effects and composing melodies. Full version is around $150, but the demo version is still excellent (and free) with the only drawback being that you cannot save projects halfway through, you can only export finished tunes. So you basically have to commplete the piece in one 'sitting'.


It says "Your Solution for Music Composition and Synthesis", but I know nothing about it. It's free though, so try it out and write about it here:

A look-alike to FastTracker and ProTracker.


Another freeware MIDI notation program. Many say it's easier and better than most other programs, including Anvil Studio.


G.F. Software

Interesting things you can download on this website are an exercising program for guitar players and a program to make pianoplayers able to play the piano with their PC-keyboard.



Chionic is the most advanced sampler for Linux.

Pure Data

Pure Data is a graphical programming language for the creation of interactive computer music and multimedia works. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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2005-06-15 [pixie_shimmer]: Thank you xmonster ^__^

2005-06-16 [Moonknight]: I personally use COOL EDIT PRO, and find it amazing, I record real sound with it, its a mutlitracker and also EAV editor and ripper,etc. you can do practically anything sound related with it. Adobe bought it and made a different version called Audition (I think that was the name) its very much the same but its got more visual related tools, for editing music for videos or whatever. Haven't tried it yet. anyway for MIDI editing I use CAKEWALK 9, its great and fairly simple. I recommend those two programs to eveyrone, when I get back from Germany maybe I can post help and information for those who want to know more about those two programs, I use them daily ;)

2005-06-16 [pixie_shimmer]: :-P I meant put it up there in the wiki ^__^

2005-06-16 [Lordpenguin]: so should this include sequencers also? what about resampling software?

2005-06-29 [Hedda]: Well, put that up too ;-)

2005-11-02 [Sir. Robert]: Thanks! Finally a way to re-voice my midis after exporting them!

2006-01-09 [Hedda]: Someone found this page on Google by searching for: "midi notation program" freeware

2006-01-09 [Hedda]: It feels good to know that the wiki-pages we create actually are some use for people out there.

2007-03-28 [Kazhanau]: I use's KB Piano (version 1) for virtually all my work. It also plays 127 other instruments plus drums, other than piano. Version 2 supports effects like distortion and echo when playing through Direct X, unfortunately the effects can't be exported along with the rest of the song. It does make for a good preview though, if you want to compose the song there and add effects through other means. I also use Audacity for all my editing.

2007-05-07 [Hedda]: Programs for Linux (among others, I guess): [] [] [] (aka Freebob) with a Mackie Onyx desk & firewire interface []

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