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2005-10-22 03:50:23
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Ok, recorded a sound file for it. It is not very good quality, but now you know how it goes.
I also did not practice it much before I recorded it :D That is my excuse for the ending being played badly.

Please Note that I am kind of...not really happy with the wording of this song, but it is an old one that used to mean something to me :) Personal experiences expressed trhough song etc :P

NOTE: alos - If you have heard Billy Gilman's 'One Voice' ...it sort of sounds like that >__< not intentionally. That is just how it turned out!


Verse - C Am F G

Chorus - D A G A

That girl that i know, observing from afar
looking at her hands can't see the trouble that she's caused.

With her games she should've told somebody she was never gonna play
and they'll be upset then they'll forgive and forget.

Cause that's her and that's what she does,
She goes around and she breaks their hearts but they don't
mind as long as she's in sight.

Cause One look in their direction
makes them wish they were her reflection
And what they don't see, is me

This boy that I know, he goes home from school and
he cries into his pillow at night

Cause of some kids who think they're cool they do things to make him look the fool but he shrugs it off, pretends he doesnt care.
Til he gets home and he lets it loose the hurtfeelings and all the abuse, he wants to know what he's supposed to do.

When one look at his reflection, makes him crave absolute perfection and what he cannot see is that he's free.

Sometimes i know i can be a little hard on myself
Sometimes i know i should believe

So i look at my reflection,
and again on closer inspection
The one thing i can see is me smiling back at me

2005-10-17 pixie_shimmer: :O *pokes back*
Well...I have to remember how the music went too :/
But...since I have been poked, I shall get onto it *^__^*

2005-10-22 exmember8: that's sweet!
mellow acoustic pop-rock ^_^

you had some audience/s while you were recording this one? i heard some voice at 02.23 - 02.25
So i look at my reflection,
and again on closer inspection
The one thing i can see is me smiling back at me


2005-10-22 pixie_shimmer: I think that might have been just me singing slightly out of tune :D
Or not so slightly :)
Everyone was outside though ^_^

2005-10-22 exmember8: nope.
there's someone talking while you were singing. ^_^
i listen to this a hundred times to hear what is being said.... but i didn't understand it. :(

but this is really a nice song. can't wait to hear the "better" recorded version.

2005-10-22 pixie_shimmer: xD
I can't hear anyone :(
*listens again*
I still can't hear anyone! :P

And I do not thik I can do a better version :P I dont really have any equipment :/

2005-10-23 exmember8: *goosebumps*
now it gives me the creep. it's like.... "White Noise" :(

now we're even. i don't have them anymore.

2005-10-23 Emily June: Whow! :-) Looking forward to see the ending project!
You should also sing acapella one time! ;)

2005-10-24 pixie_shimmer: *pats [exmember8]*
Maybe it was gremlins *^_^*
You do not have your equipment anymore? :(

2005-10-24 pixie_shimmer: *^_^*
ohwah...hmm, I am not too sure about singing acapella :D
I have more trouble staying i tune when I do that :P

2005-10-24 Keyshika: ^__^ *glomps the Pixies*
Wonderful! :) You have such a nice voice.

2005-11-14 pixie_shimmer: :O

*glomps the Keys*
Thanks you :$ :$
hehe ^_^ Soon I hope we can hear you singing a little :)

2005-11-14 Keyshika: ^____^
Eheh, me, singing. :p Blablablapllllrrrrt! How can j00 hope for it? xDDD

2005-11-15 pixie_shimmer: I have hearded you sing :O
And so, I hope one day you will be more confident and show the rest of us!!! ^_^
and hearing people sing is lovely <3

2005-11-15 Keyshika: If I manage to record a song with me singing, I insist people wear earplugs when listening to it. xP

2005-11-17 pixie_shimmer: pshhh :P How bout we don't and say we didi, to make you feel beteer? :D

2005-11-17 Keyshika: I'm afraid I would recognize the bluff. ;) *hugs*

2005-11-19 pixie_shimmer: :P *hugs too* ^_^

2006-03-03 Moonknight: this is wonderfull :)

2006-03-04 pixie_shimmer: Thank you *^_^* :D

2006-05-14 caught in the rain: your voice is amazing o_o! I love it ^^

2006-05-30 pixie_shimmer: :D
Thank you :3

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