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2005-05-25 00:44:40
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2005-05-26 Patricio: Should be now, since they are mp3

2005-05-26 pixie_shimmer: Im confused...I think... *feels dumb*

2005-05-26 pixie_shimmer: haha - is ok now! I figured it out and I checked and they seem to be working :-P

2005-05-26 Patricio: Yes, they are working now :D

2005-06-13 Consider me deleted: I'm watching this page. I love your songs. They're brilliant.

2005-06-14 pixie_shimmer: awww *blulsh* thank you :-) I will try and get some more music files up then, though it won't be for a little while yet :-)

2005-06-14 Consider me deleted: That's kind of funny... I'm watching the page, and when there are new comments it says there are new comments on "11" (your member number thingy)... That's funny...

2005-06-14 pixie_shimmer: I know! hehe - The first Time I saw it I was like...huh? O__O
But now I know it is me ^__^
*is clever*

2005-06-14 Consider me deleted: That's fun...

2005-08-13 Kileaiya: *stalks the marvelous pixie*

2005-08-15 pixie_shimmer: *^___^*
*stalks back*

2005-08-19 font: no change here :O

2005-08-19 pixie_shimmer: no :S
There was a comment though :)

2005-08-23 font: :O

2005-08-24 pixie_shimmer: :P

2005-08-26 nokturA: :) hello!

2005-08-26 pixie_shimmer: hallo! :P

2005-10-22 pixie_shimmer: Uploaded a music track for Reflections ^_^ Just recorded, guitar and voice with headset. Nothing fancy :(

2005-11-14 pixie_shimmer: :O :O
After a comment on the Reflections song by [Emily June], I decided to try an acapella song :$
I have it written - I just have to wait for my voice to get back to normal so I can sing without coughing xD

2005-11-14 Emily June: Yay! :-) *gives you soup and special things* This will help your voice to get better again ;)

2005-11-15 pixie_shimmer: *^___^*
*eats soup* :P

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