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2005-05-26 03:50:08
woman sexy song
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Perfect Paradise
Free to play
Perfect Paradise

At night she comes alive
You can see the other side as she feels it

Her cup is half full up
Take delight as she fills it

She meets your eyes and places a finger on her lips

Manicured long red fingertips

She's at home in a perfect paradise
She gets to know you in a perfect diguise
You're never quite sure if she is sincere
Cause the words that haunt you come so easily to her.

She is a woman of mystery

Close your eyes and maybe you'll see

That she's at home in a perfect paradise
She gets to know you in a perfect diguise
You're never quite sure if she is sincere
Cause the words that haunt you come so easily to her.



2005-05-29 Moonknight: Not bad, id recommend you try to record the guitar with a towel or something placed over the amp, that will filter part of the noise, its what I do with my band, you have some air noise in this from the guitars distortion and the drums, but your voice is very clear.

2005-05-29 pixie_shimmer: haha - this was recorded in an actual studio ^__^ And the guy there mixed it, not us. This is probably my least favourite song with my voice though >__< I wil try the towle thing though if I do any recording at home ^__^

2005-06-13 Moorn: o.O Meep. This is pretty heavy, I likes! It reminds me of... hm... Lacuna Coil, in a way.

2005-06-13 pixie_shimmer: I do not know what that is O__O
But thank youuuu!!!!!!!

2005-06-13 Consider me deleted: The vocal part is so low in parts that it gets hard to hear. In the first run of the chorus I think you go a tiny bit flat on the word "home". By the end of the first chorus, you've sped up slightly.
Despite my bitchy criticism, I think it's good. It's got great rhythm and a catchy tune. It's really good! I wish I had that kind of talent.

2005-06-14 pixie_shimmer: omg I know! hehe ^__^
about the flatness anyway. I cringe when I listen to this song. I have been told I look like I am physically in pain when I hear it :-P
One day, I hope to record a better version - acoustic of course, nothing fancy.
It was not bitchy criticism either ^__^ so shush :-P

2006-03-17 zoloftzantac: No Way! I thought the vocal mix was great, and it gives it a great raw/live quality. Very dynamic and intense. I love how it starts out as almost a whisper, almost like a long intro into the first chorus. I think the speed up feel there really works with the increase in vocal intensity. *I've listened to this song about 20 times in the last week* ;)

2006-03-20 pixie_shimmer: omgs :o that is quite a lot :p
I still can't stand it though :s I don't know what it must be if other people think it sounds ok :/
*bounces* ^_^
Thank you for the comments too :)

2006-06-26 conejo: omg, if you made an album of all of this music, i would buy it with absoloutley NO hesitation whatsoever!!!!! that is how good i think your music is. XD

2006-07-04 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: I really like it but it needs more to it....it seems alittle empty. I think it needs less distortion on the guitar and more instruments like a lead guitar and a piano also it would sound better with a small guitar solo or lead break.

2006-07-09 zoloftzantac: I guess it is a matter of taste.

I listened to your song "This Girl I Know" and while I liked it, I thought the guitar and the piano and the voice was a little too much. It made it a little hard for me to follow the melody, I think sometimes less is more.

While I like Pixie's tone, I see what you mean, a little fine tweeking might add a lot.

I don't know about the guitar solo, I think the bridge is great.

I know what you mean when you say "a little empty" but to me it is like white space in a drawing, it can help you focus on the parts that the song writer wants you to focus on. I think the song expresses a lot of emotion and is very powerful.

*is still listening to it* ;)

2006-07-20 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Word to that. On the second listen I still think it needs less distortion but I really like it and I guess the emptiness kinda draws you in alittle.

2006-07-22 pixie_shimmer: aw :)

The bridge actually did have words. I don't remember them now though, except for the last line which was 'don't let her near'.

No solo :) I am not very comfortable with lead picking and whatnot. sorry x) I love the distortion on this too ! ^^

This discussion-ing is nice though :)

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