[Ironballs: The Remix]: 115.Namaarie

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2005-07-07 19:21:44
Namaarie Celtic Jazz
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     "Namaarie" is one of my most recently recorded songs. It's name is the Elven word for "Farewell" and the song was actually inspired by a theme in my fantasy novels. The song mixes a celtic melody 6/8 time with some jazz here and some blues there. All together, it's another mad experiment. ^^ Enjoy!
     The voices in "Namaarie" are: Piano, Pan Flute, Folk Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Sticks and String Ensemble.

2005-07-08 Tyrana: Oh! I love it! I hope I can progress to somewhere near your talent with digital music... I'm working on it. ^_^
Wow... it's beautiful. I love the jazz that's thrown in. Celtic and jazz... I've never heard the combination before.

2005-07-08 Ironballs: The Remix: ^_^ Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

2005-07-10 Simplicity in Complication: *Loves it, no matter what Jakey says... so... er.. there? o.O* ^___^ It's beautiful... Kinda' makes me want to come up with lyrics for it... o.O Bah.. Even if I do, you'll never get me to sing them. I'd probably ruin the song... -_-;; Anyway, wonderful job, babe. ^^

2005-07-10 Ironballs: The Remix: Well, you wouldn't ruin the song, but I don't exactly know how I'd get your voice recorded onto the song. Especially since it's not saved as a work file on my compy anymore. But maybe I can make another version... or just have you sing on another song ;) Anyway, thanks, hon. ^^

2005-07-10 Simplicity in Complication: Ha! Right. My singing could burn your ears off... And yet, I'm here because.. I sing... o.O

2005-07-10 Ironballs: The Remix: *folds arms over chest* Not true! Hmph!

2005-07-10 Simplicity in Complication: *Shrugs* Meh.

2005-07-10 Ironballs: The Remix: You can sing, remember? *nudges you* That's why you're on here... *wink wink*

2005-09-20 OVERTURE: This is awesome! How long have you been a Jazz fan?

This is a beautiful peice with an awesome arrangment.

2005-10-24 Ironballs: The Remix: For a long time, actually. It came hand in hand with my interest in song-writing. Thanks for the comment ^^

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