[Keyshika]: 136.Not Here

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2006-05-13 09:12:01
not here guitar clean melodic
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Not Here
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Changed. I removed the drums and my voice, but I'm leaving the lyrics here in case I later on upload them again or something.


I'm not here
I'm not here
I'm not here

Waken up by light
Close the drapes
I don't want light
Oh, leave me

I'm too tired
In need of rest
Understand this

I'm not here
I'm not here
I'm not here

There's just too much on my mind!
Some happiness all I ask for
... My little torn mind
Can't take it all
I'm not here, I'm not me
I want away
Some peace of mind, nothing more
I'm not me, I'm not me, I'm not me
I'm not myself. I'm not myself!

I'm not here now
Don't worry, I just need to sleep
We won't meet for a while, I know
Remember me while I'm gone
Come to me when I seek for return

2006-04-23 exmember6: very emotional riffs.
i love it!

2006-04-23 Keyshika: Thanks! :)

2006-04-25 exmember5: very inspiring voice. so ....melodic and enchantic (specially the whispering parts) *goosebumps*

2006-04-25 Keyshika: Hihi, thanks! :p

2006-05-08 Rolo: :D There alot of great ideas in there, i think sometimes the guitar and the drums don't fit but the guitar of it's own is very haunting and inspiring. It reminds me alot of cradle of a filth (that's a compliment!) definately a great voice!

2006-05-08 Keyshika: Oh my... That's more complimentary than I'd dare to hope to get. xD The drums and guitars certainly do not fit.
Thanks a lot!

2006-05-09 Rolo: :) as one final suggestion, i think you should try re-recording it without the drums and see what sort of sound you get:D

2006-05-09 Keyshika: Could try. Or I could just leave the drums out of this version... but not here, not today. Thanks again. :)

2006-05-09 Rolo: :) you are most welcome

2006-05-12 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: I'm not sure I really like it. It sounds pretty clippy and the guitar seems too loud sometimes and the whispering is undecipherable unless your looking at the lyrics as you listen.

2006-05-13 Keyshika: Ahah, it's weird that you still like it. :P Yeah, I'm sorry about the clippiness and jumpy volume... the whispering I did mean to be rather impossible to understand unless you have the lyrics.

I will change the file now, though. I can't stand myself anymore. :P The new version has only the guitars.

2006-06-21 ghost: It's sounds cool. Kinda like something you might hear in a Silent Hill OST.

2006-06-21 Keyshika: Wow, thanks. :P OST?

2006-07-09 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: "OST" is "Official Sound Track" lol

2006-07-09 Keyshika: Ohhh. xD

2007-01-06 Nick: i think if you should put the drums and vocals back in, it sounds a little sad and alone whithout them, it has so much potential

2007-01-06 Keyshika: Well, I think someone should do the drums for me, really... I have no drum set myself and doing it with built-in settings in my pedal sounds wrong on too many levels. What comes to vocals, I need a place to practice singing properly...

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