[Keyshika]: 136.Spirits

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2006-04-22 21:24:03
spirits electric guitar clean melodic
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I recorded something new! :O
Sorry for the tumbles and such. There's a bad hazard in my room... I call it 'lack of space'.

2006-05-08 Rolo: i like it, i can imagine a bass playing along with you :D overall a very good progressive instrumental!! :D

2006-05-08 Keyshika: Yay! :D Thanks a lot!

2006-06-21 ghost: Lots of good ideas in there. Keep up the good work.

2006-06-21 Keyshika: Thanks! I will. :)

2006-12-15 Nick: snaps, i like it

2007-01-06 Keyshika: Thanks. :)

2007-05-06 Mariah: Ahh, that was very nice. :) Peaceful. Nearly put me to sleep, and I mean that in a very good way..:D

2007-05-31 Keyshika: Thanks lots. ^^

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