[Sir. Robert]: 143.Midi Bass Experiment

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2006-08-01 07:31:20
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Midi Bass Experiment
I was hoping for something different to come out...Playing with midi bass and trying to get something worthwhile out of it...

2006-08-01 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: You could totally make this into a fifties song!!! I dig it.

2006-08-01 Sir. Robert: lol...i'm living in the past, maybe the next one will be disco 0_o

Do you happen to know how to write midi drumbeats? ...If I knew how to do that I would be able to make these songs a lot more intresting!

2006-08-01 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Nope i know nothing about that ask....whats his face...uuummm...hold on a sec.....[Spiral Dragon]!!! that's his name he does midi work too I think.

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