[Sir. Robert]: 143.Sometimes stuff just comes out

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2006-07-30 06:45:14
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Dont know yet
Missing components
I heard chords, then a melody, but when it came time for rhythm...my midi program came up short (oh well)

The moving line (midi "ooh's") would be voice with actual lyrics, the guitar would be a steel string acoustic looping chords, bass guitar in the background, and suspended symbol + bass drum for rhythm :)

...Sometimes stuff just comes out

2006-07-29 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: D-d-d-dude!!! by far best 42 seconds you've ever done lol. Did you say you've written lyrics? You should post them so we can sing along!!

2006-07-30 Sir. Robert: Make that 1 minute 28 seconds now...updated (some things are still a little choppy) And nope, I havent written lyrics to it yet...maybe coming soon/and or someone could think up something that would go along with it for me :P 

Best 42 seconds so far? Really?

2006-07-30 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Wow!!! the new version is wonderful...I love the ending and everything. If you don't mind I'd like to try to work on some lyrics and maybe do alittle cover of the song. You cool with that?

2006-07-30 Sir. Robert: Sure...do whatever you want ;) ...It will otherwise would just sit here like the rest of the forgotten melodies of mine.  ...hmm "forgotten melodies" I like the sound of that...*starts plugging on midi program again*

2006-07-31 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Swweeeeeet!

2006-08-28 Sir. Robert: The more I listen to this the more I love it...I need my midi program back!!! ...if anyone knows where I can get a free drag and drop midi program I would love them to bits for showing it to me...

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