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2005-11-10 03:31:35
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The Music Box
I was inspired to have a little music box melody after hearing one of the sound options in a midi program...It took about 30 minutes to make but I'm quite happy with it :P

2005-11-18 Moorn: Spiffy. It's got a very 'good wizard in his secret tower' kind of vibe to it. The beginning had a few notes that struck me at first as off key, but then as very fitting to the way the tune is presented. They gave it a more mysterious feel. ^^ Bravo.

2005-11-19 Sir. Robert: It is bugging me now that you said wizzard...I hear the Harry Potter theme in it now (that wasnt intentional) ...I was going for a darker music box sound Like in a haunted house and a music box randomly starts playing. Happy but at the same time kinda creepy :P

2005-11-19 Moorn: It's definitely got it. And don't worry, I have no idea how the Harry Potter theme goes so I wasn't referncing that. It's a little more arcane than that sort of thing, anyway. ^^

2005-11-19 Sir. Robert: I love that sound so much :P Since I have this week off I probbly will try to write another one that is a more bouncy and happy...

2006-09-07 vaselessuedirect: delectable

2006-09-07 vaselessuedirect: sp?

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