[Sir. Robert]: 143.My 8th song

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2006-02-24 05:26:08
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The Power Of Triplets
Just a test
I have discovered the power of the triplets...Let them forever be an inspiration to me :P

2006-05-11 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: All your music is very creative. My girlfriend is starting to write orchestra arrangements and you get the hang of it after awhile. So you should try doing some of your songs like that into full orchestra songs with 10 minute arrangements I would love that.

2006-05-12 Sir. Robert: Thank you :) I've tried to make longer songs out of my little snipits of inspiration but it starts to sound like i'm writing just for the time and not for the music... Maybe when I get a little time inbetween work and school i'll give it a try :) I go to school for 8 hours, work for 7 and try to sleep for another 8 which only leaves me about one hour for other stuff :S

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