[OVERTURE]: 154.Overture.Truth In your Lies

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2009-07-09 21:40:08
Truth in your Lies
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Truth in your Lies
Nearly finished
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OVERTURE [english version]
The Truth in Your Lies
[Throw down central redux]

[Chorus Version 1]
I cannot tell you...
how many times
How many times you lied

Yes, I forgive you
Please dont make a Fool
Fool outta me

Dont Take for granted
what I see

[Verse 1]

You and I are one in the same
Yet here you are tryin to run
your game. I believed that
you were the flame to my spark
if thats the case why is it still so dark?
Youre a dog whose bite is like it's bark
Why do you always run so far from me
It's startin to take its toll you see.
Telling me all things we'll never be.

Even after all this time
I sill havent atoned for this crime?
What will it take for me to show you
I can make or break this shit below you.
For me to be like this
it takes your type

[Chorus Version 2]
Truth is
I cannot stand you
another truth is
I cannot forgive
Please understand me
when I say that I can't;
I cannot love you
Like you wanted me to.
Forgive Me.

[Screamo/singing Chorus]

There is no truth in your eyes
There is no truth in your lies.
I had enough
I had enough Lies
I heard enough
I heard enough Cries

2009-01-09 rjcofell: Wow... a lot of melody... I was reading the words and wishing I could here them ;)
Great work... a jarring, haunting beauty!

2009-01-12 OVERTURE: Thanks man

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