[ghost]: 57.Misc.Guitar Riff 12

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2006-06-07 19:06:11
guitar riff
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Guitar Riff 12
This one sounds like my pastoral piece - lol.


2006-06-08 honey bunny: to sweet

2006-06-08 dee: sounds like..... a Sting song with a little effects and a high tempo beat.

2006-06-09 Hedda: It's sounds even better if I put a (voice-made...) bass-guitar sound on it.

Too bad I don't have any equipment to add a bass-guitar rythm on it. Maybe there is another MusMaker that can try it out?

2006-06-12 ghost: I'm certainly open to the idea. Actually, I have a bass here - maybe I should use it someday? lol

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