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2006-06-07 18:53:04
guitar riff
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Guitar Riff 2
Yet another guitar riff. I rather like this one. I play it pretty often.

This is a brand new version of it - I have an older version, but there were parts of it I didn't play so well. However, the older version also has multiple layers, so I might post that one just to be nostalgic. We'll have to see, won't we?

2006-06-08 honey bunny: Hey I like that. Now I am going to try it as I can still hear it playing in my head

2006-06-08 dee: not bad

2006-06-09 exmember1: what do you mean "not bad" ? ^_^

it's very catchy.

good work!!!

2006-06-09 Hedda: Complicated stuff... ;)

2006-09-15 Harmless: Yeah! ROCK!

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