[ghost]: 57.Misc.Guitar Riff 7

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2006-02-17 20:02:23
guitar riff
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Guitar Riff 7
The reason these are coming so very much out of order is that, for the most part, when I record these guitar riffs, I don't pay much attention to presentability. Most of it is just for me to listen to later so I can remember the ideas I kick around here.

But that means that most of them aren't fit for posting on here. Sorry.

So I try to pick the ones that sort of sound ok. :)

2006-02-17 exmember6: sounds like KREATOR'S Servant in Heaven, King in Hell

2006-02-18 honey bunny: i like it

2006-02-18 ghost: Who is "KREATOR'S"?

2006-08-23 jimmy: They are a cult death metal band. Way too metal for you.

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