[ghost]: 57.Theta.Epidemic

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2009-11-22 00:21:44
Epidemic, Guitar, Cello, Theta
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Missing components
Free to play
Missing the violin, and a lot could use re-recording.


Hey Doc, I think I'm dying
Just don't know what from
I did everything right
I swear I don't know what went wrong
something deep within me is failing
I can feel it now
way down beneath my skin
it's in me, won't you get it out

oh, just tell me, how worried should I be?

Souls torn apart
cut me open just to see what I've been searching for
Holes in my heart
I've tried to fill but Doc says we can't
Ain't no pills for that

Hey Doc, I think it's catching
Whatever it may be
Seems like everyone I know
now feels the same as me
inside a burning hunger rages
a silent cry
a thirst for blood, and a head so full of fright

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