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2009-11-04 11:58:11
Theta Minuteman
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Missing components
Free to play

Cello and violin tracks have not been recorded for this yet. Bass is standing in for cello currently, and the violin is not even present. The m marching drum cadence thing of the second verse needs more love, and the vocals need to be competely re-recorded, but this is enough to give a very strong understanding of what the song is attempting to be.



Someone told me I was dead
then the bombs began to fall
I don't know how it began
but I know how it'll end
better listen up

You thought that I was just a man
thought I would take this lying down
So now you come into my home
you hurt the ones I love
expect to just walk out?

oh, no
oh, no

It turns out I am not alone
and we are more than you can count
we are foundations of your world
machine that makes it work
and we won't be kicked around

The Minuteman
The Minuteman
The Minuteman
The Mighty Minuteman

Take a moment, look around
Remember all that you see now
'cause your days of power are at an end
and that's just how it begins
'cause it's gonna be
a long

well, go get your friends to fight your wars
and let your money keep you warm
Go hide behing your flimsy walls
your castles made of straw
if you think that it'll help

The Minuteman
The Minuteman
The Minuteman
The Mighty Minuteman

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