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2007-12-29 21:44:42

[jimmy]: 71.the song

[jimmy]: 71.Without

[jimmy]: 71.Me versus Myself

[jimmy]: 71.randomness

[jimmy]: 71.Sunday

[jimmy]: 71.with

[jimmy]: 71.without (take 2)

[jimmy]: 71.thursday

[jimmy]: 71.dfh

[jimmy]: 71.jam

[jimmy]: 71.sllice

[jimmy]: 71.Shred 1

[jimmy]: 71.Shred 2

[jimmy]: 71.Shred 3

[jimmy]: 71.Fury

Shred 3
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2005-11-17 ghost: I give you a 3, overall.
Put up some of your better stuff and that might change.

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