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2005-09-20 05:35:41
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2005-09-20 OVERTURE: I can hear the pick sliding on the strings. Other than that It's awesome man!

2005-09-20 exmember8: \m/ *headbangin'* \m/

it's like brutal metal. but the way you played the solo is more on heavy metal only.
but it rocks, man!!!!

2005-09-20 ghost: You're getting sloppy, guy. I want to see better work, next time. :P

2005-09-25 pixie_shimmer: *cries* :(
I really liked what I did hear, but when I played it, there was blank skips through it :-/
omg omg ^_^ I could only imagine to be able to play guitar like this *^_^*

2005-10-03 honey bunny: \m/ liked what i heard

2005-10-22 Sir. Robert: Omg! I actually heard the whole thing for once...That is awesome! ...when I listened to it previously it would only let me hear the first few seconds of it...

2005-10-23 randombloodbath: wicked playing man..top work \m/

2005-11-03 Dickie*: me likes the effects ..and pick sliding on strings... is COOL! :)

2006-03-26 exmember5: yep! \m/

2006-03-27 jimmy: Thanks.

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