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2005-11-10 03:39:49
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57.Primal Authority.Goodbye, friend.Acoustic by [ghost]



Can you describe your song?
- Um. Slow, simple. Heartbreaking, if I came anywhere near telling the story I set out to tell.

What inspired you to make it? Do you think it shows?
- A very good friend of mine, Amy Tao, is leaving for the army. It is basically the story of our friendship. I should hope it would show - that's all the song is about... lol

How was it made? What came first/last? How do your songs normally come about?
- The melody was written something like 5 or 6 years ago, and I just carried it around with me for a while, until recently, when I was playing it and just suddenly started singing along with it. I sat down and wrote what I sang, and I had the song finished within that day. Normally, I write the lyrics first, and then try to write music around that, but I also occasionally write music first, so I can do it both ways.

Which instuments/programs did you use? Why?
- My mother's acoustic guitar, because it has such an awesomely warm, beautiful sound. And Audacity, which has multitrack recording - I ended up doing it as one track and in one take, though

What are you most happy with? Why? Least happy with?
- As a whole, I love how simple the entire song is. I really like that, because some of my work can tend to get a bit... complex... and this is a nice change of pace for me. Specifically, though, I love the penultimate stanza of the last verse - "The world goes quiet / and time moves so slow / as I watch all the memories / and walk home alone". That one always hits home for me. Least happy with the mistakes, particularly with my singing in the first chorus.

Any thing else you want to say about this song?
- It is the fourth song I have written that was expressly dedicated to someone, and it is the first one to be uploaded to MusMakers. Yay.

Do you think you have a clear style, and how would you describe it?
- Not really - I tend to be more classically influenced, particularly by Bach, so my songs can be rather complex sometimes. Not that I'm saying I'm in league with Bach - I'm not nearly that good, but that's sort of the style I seem to be moving towards, and you don't see me complaining about it.

Any favourite subjects you turn into music? Any artists/people/things that inspires you?
- Women and failure.

What does your musical history look like? How did it start?
- When I was like, 7, my grandparents bought me one of those mini-guitars, and I loved it. And then I promptly forgot about it. Then, when I was maybe 13, I picked it up again, and I loved it, even though it was WAY too small for me. So I got a new guitar, and started learning again. And then I stopped playing sometime around 10th grade - 16, maybe? But then I picked it up again recently, and again, I'm loving it. Also, I've been composing for piano and other instruments for a year now - that started when I was bored at school in a room with a piano - I sat down and started figuring things out, and the rest, as the say, is history.

A favourite instrument? Can you play it?
- Don't really have one. I have a composers mind, now, so I love instruments for their purpose and how much I can use them. It depends on what I'm trying to acheive. But no, most of those insturments I love, I cannot play.

What would you wish for from the music-faerie?
- An orchestra to play the compositions I... um... compose. That and a voice with RANGE. But the orchestra first.

Any future plans/aspirations?
- I am currently working on some sort of very pretty little guitar piece, as well as three songs with lyrics, all the songs involving my band, and my compositions which will not be uploaded onto MusMakers untill they are ready to be all released together as an OST.

A big thank you to [ghost] for letting us feature him!


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