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2006-09-14 23:56:24
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For all you musicians that wanna show off your stuffs

Bassist's Gear
Guitarist's Gear
Drummer's Gear
Vocalist's Gear
The Brass Section

To be added soon...

The Woodwind Section
The Strings Section
The Piano Section - New Feature!
The Live Show Zone!

For our artists that have a bunch of neat stuff!

Harmless instruments - [Harmless]
Vintage Rhyme's Gear - [Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]

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2005-12-14 [Sir. Robert]: Brilliant! Now all I have to do is get some pictures of my instrument :P

2005-12-14 [Orestez]: The more the better, woot!

2005-12-21 [exmember8]: i'll double that: WOOT! WOOT!!

2005-12-21 [Orestez]: \oo/  \oo/

2006-02-21 [Moonknight]: what about keyboard/piano gear?

2006-03-15 [Jester]: I got an electric drumkit, effing rawks! Lovely sound. I'll get a pic of that top stick up ASAP.

2006-04-28 [Dickie*]: LOOK AT MY NEW LIVE SHOW THINGY! ..thankyou. now i got the attention to make it through the rest of the day ^^

2006-05-05 [Dickie*]: oh...ive also got a keyboard.. but does that belong to the piano section or not? its does have a lot of those white and black thingies to press..

2006-05-05 [Orestez]: lol, yeah, put it in the piano section

2006-05-24 [kittykittykitty]: Oooh fun ^_^ that reminds me I really need a picture of my piano

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