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2006-09-26 17:05:38
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Harmless instruments

This photo-album is dedicated to my collection of musical instruments. I got my Didgeridoos back (finally), so you can find 'em in between the rest.
I absolutely love this stuff, and i will probably keep on collecting instruments till I just can't collect no more...


This is me, playing my accoustic bass, lovin' it...


And this IS my accoustic bass.


This is my electric bass, the one I play on my featured photo.


These are my guitars, from top to bottom: accoustic guitar, baritone ukelele, tenor ukelele. Out of these instruments, I play the baritone ukelele the most and best.


This is my Berimbau. Originally from Angola, Africa, it came to Brasil with the slaves, where they used it to keep rythm while dancing the Capoeira.


This is my Djembé, an African drum. It's too small for descent playing, though.


These are my Didgeridoos. The one on the left is bamboo, the right one is, or was, a branch of a Eucalyptus-tree.


It's small, it's tacky, it's a Casio!


Here is some small stuff: two rainmakers, a Japanese flute, two Irish thinwhistles, a Pan-flute (Mexican), some egg-shakers, a triangle, a harmonica, chimes, a Tibetan Bowl, and one of two Jew's Harps.

[Vintage Rhymes and Valentines] has a lot of cool stuff.
Check it out at Vintage Rhyme's Gear and show the man some respect, will you?!
Also nice to look upon: Pixie's bass Stuff, very admirable, courtesy of [pixie_shimmer].
More cool stuff at The Tone Zone.

Big UP! to all these people!

/ [Harmless]

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2006-09-14 [Harmless]: yay! my first Wiki! ^__^
I'll make more pictures soon and put them up here as well...

2006-09-14 [honey bunny]: To sweet :) You did it and they totally rock

2006-09-14 [honey bunny]: Okay what instrument can't you play??? I have not seen a Djembé in a long time

2006-09-14 [Harmless]: well, the Cello, the Piano and the Accordeon gave me a hard time when i tried it, but i can get a simple, basic tune out of allmost everything. most of it is for fun, really. i mostly play bass, not much else, my baritone ukelele from time to time.

2006-09-14 [Orestez]: What keys are your tin whistles in? I have a D# that I bought in Shannon, Ireland and it sounds awesome. I linked this wiki at The Tone Zone

2006-09-15 [honey bunny]: That is cool. I can play a few instruments and have taught myself to play the guitar but will not say I am any good at it

2006-09-15 [Harmless]: [Orestez] thanks for the link, much appreciation and respect, bro. I have a D-whitsle and a Bb-whistle. I think Bb is the lowest key. But I guess yours are the realest, mines are basic, simple and British made.

[honey bunny] I never said is was good in anything at all... ;-)

2006-09-15 [honey bunny]: *laughing* [Harmless] I have heard your playing and you are very good. ;D

2006-09-15 [Harmless]: and i also wish for a Sitar, Double Bass, Harp, a drumkit...

2006-09-15 [Orestez]: and a PA system and a Eden World tour Bass Head/Cab and

2006-09-15 [honey bunny]: lol..hurry santa these boys have a huge wish list

2006-09-17 [Harmless]: oooh, and bagpipes, a vibraphone, a violin, did i forget something??

2006-09-17 [honey bunny]: hummm have you two been that good this year though? Now bagpipes are so dang hard to try and play...course I was laughing so hard both times I tried that I could only get a squeek out of them

2006-09-17 [Harmless]: playin wind-instruments and laughing don't go together...

2006-09-17 [honey bunny]: No not at end p out of breath and making all kinds of funny noises :)

2006-09-26 [Harmless]: My Didges are back! I feel whole again... *^_^*

2006-09-26 [honey bunny]: Oh sweet.

2006-09-28 [Orestez]: Nice Digis Harm!

2006-09-30 [Harmless]: thanks, the bamboo is easier to play, but the eucalyptus has a deeper sound. aah, i love 'em both...

2008-01-28 [OVERTURE]: strange that you have a japanese flute.

2008-01-30 [Harmless]: is it?

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