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Name: James

Band name: N.O.D (Noise of Destruction)


This is my Jackson. I'm not sure what the make is.


Guitarists Unite


Bassists Unite

I am James. I play guitar,bass, and drums. I also play trumpet. I'm in a band, N.O.D (Noise of Destruction)
Hey there, Havent been here in awhile, I just got a new B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze(Pics Soon!!!) And i just got a 7 peice drum kit for christmas. I will also be posting pics of it.But anyways, I will be here more, as well as Elf12, Elfpack, etc.

Age: 15Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 4

Gender: male

Work: Lead guitarist is N.O.D and backup vocals

Place of living: Corning

grungeheavy metalpunk

drumsbass guitarguitar

Idols: Mick Thompson of Slipknot. He's my guitar idol. And Paul from Slipknot. He's my bass idol.

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