Post nr: 2971
Author: Hedda Posted: (4761 days ago)
Subject: Hehe, good new member! (Texts: 1 )

[Lovex2] decided to join after finding Uploading Songs Rules on Google! ;)

I could say that it would be good if all members could start by reading the rules, but that seems wrong because we haven't really had any problems with rule-breaking here.


Post nr: 2764
Author: Hedda Posted: (5154 days ago)
Subject: Comment more! (Texts: 1 )

Don't forget that people upload songs here to get comments on them! ;)

And commenting on others' songs is a good way to get more comments on your own.


Post nr: 2629
Author: Hedda Posted: (5258 days ago)
Subject: Top-music! (Texts: 13 )

What about putting together the best songs as one downloadable file?

Or just make a list on a wiki-page? (If that is done, I can easily fix the other thing)

I though about 37 songs. The 20 best and 16 songs to show the width of MusMakers and one song that's really horrible ;-)


Post nr: 2607
Author: Hedda Posted: (5289 days ago)
Subject: New way of applying to MusMakers (Texts: 1 )

New users no longer have to send an email to apply. Instead they can register as usual, and we'll approve them (if they are worthy...).


Post nr: 2606
Author: Hedda Posted: (5290 days ago)
Subject: Oh... 3 new members today! (Texts: 6 )

I've got 3 requests for memberships today! Seems like MusMakers will will continue to grow even if it's slow in the start ;-)


Post nr: 2539
Author: rosario (New name: Rosario Dreams) (Rosario Dreams) Posted: (5362 days ago)
Subject: Song Music Needed (Texts: 2 )

I currently write songs from the heart. Unfortunatly I have not been gifted with situations allowing me to learn an instrument properly that would work with the songs I write. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how I go about this. I currently have 24 complete songs and countless incomplete ones awaiting completion.
The style is:
Similar style to Mike and the Mechanics - The Living Years


Post nr: 1558
Author: Patricio (Invite people now!) Posted: (5501 days ago)
Subject: MusMakers Collaborations (Texts: 1 )

We have started a new wiki that needs some opinions and ideas. The idea is that MM should help people to collaborate between them. Please check the wiki and give feedback... or start using it ;)

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