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Uploading Songs Rules
General Rules

These are the general rules for what songs you can upload (How to upload: See the Song guide) to Musmakers.

G-1. All the songs must be interpreted by you.
Musmakers is a site for musicians, both professional and amateur. That means that what we want to see is your work and you are not allowed to upload songs by your favorite artists. That’s not the idea. Only songs played or sang by you are allowed.

G-2 All the songs must be your original work.
You are not allowed to upload songs that are copyrighted. That means you can’t upload covers, only your original work, being the only exceptions if you have the permission of the original writer or if the copyright has expired or it’s of public domain (examples).

G-3 Samples and sounds.
Following the logic behind the previous point, you can’t use copyrighted samples or sounds, unless you have the permission of the owner of it. Nevertheless, you can use those that are free to download from the internet or those generated by yourself.

G-4 Formats and qualities.
Any format is allowed. The same happens with quality, being the only exception when it is so low that you can’t actually distinguish the song.

G-5 Offensive material
Musmakers reserves the right to remove any material that we find unsuitable for our site. Essentially, we are talking about songs that are offensive towards any particular racial, ethnic or social group, or towards any individual that might be affected.

Songs on the wiki or private song-pages

The Uploading Songs Rules don’t totally apply to the wikis and private-songpages. There you can upload covers or songs that incluide samples and sounds with copyright, as long as the wiki is associated with a particular forum and only the members of this forum can listen to the song on it. This secret wiki page can’t be linked from your presentation or an open forum.

However, you are NEVER allowed to steal work. That is, take someone else's music and claim it as your own.

See HOWTO making a song private.

To make things easier, we even have a forum that you can use to make your songs not public. Just click on it to join and
then use the number as explained on the previous link.
<joinforum:7:cover> (Cover Songs) (Cover Songs)

How the Rules are Enforced

The Uploading Songs Rules are enforced by the Musmakers Staff. We can remove songs that break the rules and ban members who repeatedly upload files that break the rules.

If you find someone else breaking the rules, please use the "send report to guards" button in that member's house and then we will look into the matter. It is not possible for the Staff to keep an eye on each and every house and we certainly need your help in this. See the wiki page reports on how to write a good report.

Please do not send us messages saying we are unfair and we allowed someone to keep disputed material in their index. The rules apply to all. The only reason someone would have copyrighted songs uploaded is that no one has reported them yet. Do your part!

Sometimes we make mistakes and delete something that should have been allowed. Do not make a big deal about it. Reply to the Staff member who deleted your song (you got a message explaining why it was deleted) and explain briefly why the song should be allowed and everything will be fine.

More on Copyright

First, a note on spelling. It's spelled "copyright", not "copywrite", and it's "copyrighted", not "copywritten". Copyright is about owning the right to copy something and controling who is allowed to copy it. A copywriter is someone who works in advertising.

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