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Author: IanGraham Posted: (4582 days ago)
Subject: Copyright Protection (Texts: 1 )

If you are a songwriter, a musician, a band member or someone who puts their music out on the internet, then you need Copyright Protection.


for the cheapest rates.


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Author: Geezer Young (optimistic) Posted: (4609 days ago)
Subject: Guitar Books for Non-readers (Texts: 1 )

'Quick Guitar by the Number's is a how-to-learn guitar quick without having to read dots.
Written by: Muzz Horn


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Author: Calliope (Musmakers Audiocast) Posted: (5049 days ago)
Subject: MusMakers Audiocast (Texts: 2 )

Woo spamming :O

Would you like for your songs to be played on an online radio station? If so then make sure you go check out MusMakers Audiocast!


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Author: Hedda Posted: (5062 days ago)
Subject: Do you want your songs adverticed? (Texts: 3 )

I'm doing a little ads for MusMakers with help of Google. But I though that instead of marketing MusMakers, I though it would work better to market its members.

So if you are having a good idea of how to market your song/your music, then write me a suggestion like this:

First a heading: "Boys Suck!" Free download
And then two lines:
Fast happy rock-song about
how much boys sucks.
And the URL:

And then some keywords (this is the tricky part):
rock music
hate boys

(And so on. The more, the better, but all the keywords should almost only appear on pages that are read by people interested in this kind of music. It can be names of similar bands or a genre-name.)

I put this on the MusMakers' marketing account, so it's totally free for you. Don't expect a lot of visitors though! 100 per day is a maximum, but you will probably end up with about 10 a month or something (unless you select good keywords that often appear on pages that don't get many ads), because I'm paying so little that the ads are seldom shown. 


Post nr: 2855
Author: Harmless Posted: (5076 days ago)
Subject: Polls Poyce (Texts: 1 )

I have no idea how keen you folks are on voting on polls, but let's go start a habit which provides more insight in your fellow musician's interests and...

well, it's just heaps of fun, man!

let's start voting on this <poll:27>


Post nr: 2813
Author: Hedda Posted: (5150 days ago)
Subject: MusMakers! (Texts: 1 )

Well, you're already here, so I don't have to inform you about this site.

However, I put up some AdWord-ads for MusMakers now. I don't know how effective they will be, but I'll try for a week or so, and see what happens.

I put the ads on the sites:

There were some 100 other sites, but most of them were mostly for cool music, concert dates and lots of moving stuff, so I didn't want to advertice there. If you know the perfect site to advertice MusMakers in, let me know! ( mentioned in [2197 (Unknown or private posting)] are not available.)

I really wanted a site that only talks about equipment for recording music, but doesn't have any possibility to upload or discuss music.

Here is the ad I put up (I'm spending a maximum of $5 a day and how long it will run depends on how sucessful the campaign is):

Upload and discuss musik
Meet other musicians worldwide and
upload music without limit.


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Author: Hedda Posted: (5155 days ago)
Subject: Mandriva Linux 2007 jingle contest (Texts: 1 )


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Author: hedda (New name: Hedda) Posted: (5422 days ago)
Subject: (Texts: 1 )

I added this to music links.

Maybe we should copy some of the stuff on
to music links too?

Anyhow, I added MusMakers to that link-list and hope that they don't take it away, just because MusMakers is so small right now.


Post nr: 2415
Author: Moorn Posted: (5447 days ago)
Subject: WC Collaborations (Texts: 4 )

Please drop by WC Collaborations and see how you can help out with their music inspiration section! All we need is a link to your song on Musmakers, which will then be placed upon's music prompt section at some point. This is a voluntary process, and there really isn't a reward for it other than the knowledge that you are contributing. If nothing else it'll get exposure for your music, so contribute at WC Collaborations!


Post nr: 2007
Author: Moorn Posted: (5521 days ago)
Subject: Posting! (Texts: 1 )

I'm interested in what people think about my music in general. All of my songs are MIDI format, but I'd still like to know. ^_^


Post nr: 1560
Author: Patricio (Invite people now!) Posted: (5532 days ago)
Subject: MusMakers Collaborations (Texts: 1 )

We have started a new wiki that needs some opinions and ideas. The idea is that MM should help people to collaborate between them. Please check the wiki and give feedback... or start using it ;)

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