Post nr: 2994
Author: Stephen (Not Here Often...) Posted: (3389 days ago)
Subject: Days since last posting: 1295 (Texts: 2 )

/restarts counter

This site is deeeead. o_O' I thought Elf12 was bad.



Kay, back to Elfpack/Elf12/Elftown. Buhbye!




Post nr: 2915
Author: Orestez Posted: (5114 days ago)
Subject: Musmakers Video (Texts: 8 )

The same format as EP's video.



Post nr: 2726
Author: kittykittykitty (Meow ^_^) Posted: (5325 days ago)
Subject: Adult Pop (Texts: 5 )

... what exactly is it? How is it different from regular pop?

(I noticed it is on the clickable options)


Post nr: 2392
Author: Tyrana (Collegeness) Posted: (5568 days ago)
Subject: Instrument Fandom!!! (Texts: 1 )



Post nr: 2222
Author: Tyrana (Collegeness) Posted: (5614 days ago)
Subject: Wait... (Texts: 15 )

What kind of potato?


Post nr: 1634
Author: Baen (Featured Song - submissions) Posted: (5646 days ago)
Subject: Suggestions (Texts: 11 )

Just some thoughts. How about a Suggestions forum? Could be handy.
A Musmakers chat? I know I'd spend some time there. :P

And would it be possible to have a way to upload sheet music or tabs to go with the music? Would be interesting to see.


Post nr: 842
Author: Patricio (Invite people now!) Posted: (5659 days ago)
Subject: XXX (Texts: 95 )

So, what is XXX? Music from porn movies? You know, keyboards and synthetizers that go tu tu tutt tuu tut tu tutt tuuut


Post nr: 832
Author: Gooseberry (Give us your fekk'n money!) Posted: (5659 days ago)
Subject: classical deluge (Texts: 4 )

is there a driven classical revival thing going on in "the songs"?

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