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2006-10-03 18:04:57
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Featured Song - Submissions

Found a song that you think should be featured? Submit it here!

[Harmless]: 359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off Live - Reflection

[orluni]: 105.You're like an angel

[Ironballs: The Remix]: 115.Namaarie

[exmember8]: are my bliss

[Rolo]: 51.The Knife By My Side (2)

[Moonknight]: 21.Lionheart

[randombloodbath]: 159.PROJECT X.XA

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2005-07-05 [Moorn]: There we go. ^_^ Submissions!

2005-07-06 [Baen]: Thank you people!

2005-08-23 [exmember8]: can i put mine?! or others should put it?

2005-08-24 [Baen]: Sure you can put yours!

2005-09-19 [ghost]: Should The Everlast Song be removed, now that it's been Featured?

2005-11-10 [ghost]: I don't know if it's policy or not, but I'm going to wait until someone else has featured song before I put another of mine up.

2005-11-10 [pixie_shimmer]: You can still put it up :P It just won't be featured for a while ;)

2005-12-31 [honey bunny]: please for the next one [exmember8] you are my bliss

2006-01-01 [exmember6]: you are my bliss is a full of heart song. well, it's not a normally heard love song for it's type of music. but we can feel all the love flowing in that song. everybody have their style. and it's perfect the way he made it. (my opinion)

2006-09-11 [Moonknight]: someone sugested Lionheart?? woohoo, im happy someone liked it :)

2006-09-12 [pixie_shimmer]: :p Got any suggestions you'd like to make???

2006-10-03 [Harmless]: i don't mean to be self-centered, i just think we make cool music. everybody should hear it!

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