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2005-06-11 07:49:19
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Guitar Chords


<img:stuff/Aachord.gif>    <img:stuff/Aamchord.gif>    <img:stuff/Am7.gif>    <img:stuff/Aa7chord.gif>






<img:stuff/Dchord.gif>    <img:stuff/Dmchord.gif>


<img:stuff/Echord.gif>    <img:stuff/Emchord.gif>    <img:stuff/E7chord.gif>






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2005-06-09 [pixie_shimmer]: If anyone wants to help, or correct these - I have PSD files of them

2005-06-09 [pixie_shimmer]: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

2005-08-21 [ghost]: I'm just glad this page exists. :D

2005-08-24 [pixie_shimmer]: yay ^___^

2005-09-29 [exmember8]: it's a good wiki for beginners. ^_^ good idea [pixie_shimmer]

2005-09-30 [pixie_shimmer]: :P - if there are more you think should be here, you can give me the names and some drawings and I could make up some more? :/ I want input :P

2005-09-30 [exmember8]: ok. ^__^

2005-11-01 [Dickie*]: hey! this looks interesting! i can only play on 4 strings! ...but those other 2 always are so hard to play.. but this looks quite easy..lemme give it a try :P ill beat my band's guitarist! :P

2005-11-02 [pixie_shimmer]: xD Go ahead! ^_^ WOuld anyone like to see something similar to this page for a different instrument???

2005-11-02 [Sir. Robert]: This is so cool! ...I found a guitar in our basement but I know it is horribly out of tune...would you happen to know the notes that the different strings are tuned to?

2005-11-02 [ghost]: starting from the deepest note (highest string when you hold it), E, A, D, G, B, E...... i think. Watch me be wrong and look stupid.  Anyway, would it be possible to get this to be a bit more complete? Like, sustained chords and the like.

2005-11-02 [pixie_shimmer]: I will repeat what I have already said - Give me diagrams and info on them and I will see what I can do :P   And yes, that is the correct tuning ;) deepest note - fattest string ;)

2006-01-22 [NiceGuy213]: the bottom string, the smallest, is the first string. It goes up from there. The top string, the fat one, is number six. This is how your guitar should be tuned, standard tuning. (String number-note)  6-E  5-A  4-D 3-G 2-B 1-E.  You may also hear of Drop-D tuning. It is a very popular tuning as well, and the only difference is the 6 string is tuned to a D. So, it should look like this. 6-D 5-A 4-D 3-G 2-B 1-E. 

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