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2008-01-27 22:55:32
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Musmakers Collaboration Competition


Don't you just know the feeling? You are pretty good at playing the guitar, but don't have a clue on how to write a good song? You have written the most fantastic lyrics, but your singing qualities simply aren't good enough to bring the message to your audience? Or maybe, you just enjoy working together with other people to make a brilliant piece of music?

Then, this contest will be something for you! The goal is to create a song, together with another musician. Or, even more than just two people can work together. We'll be looking at the product, but of course, it's also the process that counts!

So pick up your guitar, sing out loud, role a drum, grab a pen and start collaborating!

For tips and ideas, you could take a look at MusMakers Collaborations. Here, you can also search for people who can make a collaboration with you.

Oh, and make up a nice teamname while you're collaborating ;)

1)The Uploading Songs Rules should be followed
2)One can enter up to 4 entries
3)The collaboration must be between Musmaker members only


Deadline: will be closed when decided when :p



1) Usernames:[exmember5], [exmember6], [exmember3]
Teamname: Ball Heads
Link to song: one and only you

2) Usernames:[ghost], [honey bunny], [Keyshika]
Teamname: Phantom HB-K
Link to song: 57.Misc.Collaboration 1.Take 2 (Not really finished, but no more time, so there you go.)

3) Usernames:[The illustrious Piki], [Hiugo] and [Rolo]
Teamname: Four Nights
Link to song: 51.Ducci

4) Usernames:
Link to song:

Username (or number or email):


2006-07-31 [ghost]: We're not very good at this yet, but we're working on it. lol\

2006-08-07 [honey bunny]: sorry have been gone for a while.

2006-08-10 [ghost]: But you're back? It's been hard trying to move along with this without you, honey.

Have you heard the new one I put up?

2006-08-10 [honey bunny]: my comp died a bad having to use public one for another week. can not hear it till next week unless I find someones to use...I will try to though

2006-08-16 [honey bunny]: I love the new one you put up. It totally kicks aXX

2006-08-29 [Emily June]: Alright people, I can see how much all of you like to enter this contest (:p) so grab your instruments, sing along and make music!!! Make sure to let others know about this contest, I'll be advertising for a last time soon and I'll be setting a deadline after that has been done! :o So be quick and get inspired!
Deadline will probably be the end of September.

2006-09-27 [Emily June]: 3 days left!!!

2006-09-28 [honey bunny]: *looks around for [ghost]* Okay three days..hummm

2006-10-31 [exmember6]: woah! new song! i like it

2006-10-31 [honey bunny]: *smiles* thanks..most all the credit goes to [ghost]

2007-03-18 [Rolo]: Does this competition end this year? lol i seem to remember it being from last year for some reason.. maybe it's just me..

2007-03-26 [Emily June]: I will have to end some day, yes ;) If you can get some more people to enter this contest, I'd be very thankful! ^_^

2007-03-27 [Rolo]: oh man are you gonna love our entry

2007-04-05 [eyes of frost]: Lmfao! Dudes...Props to the Ducci song.

2007-04-05 [Rolo]: haha :D Thanks! please feel free to rate the Ducci song :P and congratulate [The illustrious Piki] on his marvellous lyrics haha

2007-10-02 [kittykittykitty]: 'Deadline: September 30'... Would that be September this year? ;)

2007-10-05 [Emily June]: Let us change that ^^

2007-10-09 [kittykittykitty]: Yes! ^^ Get collaborating, people :P

2008-10-12 [Rolo]: I wonder if this comp will ever end lol

2008-10-23 [Dea]: i hasn't end yet? i thought there's a deadline. hehe

2008-10-24 [Rolo]: lol well i think by deadline they mean we'll be dead before it's finished :P he he he

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