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2006-10-01 06:09:27
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Its time for the first "Best of Musmakers" competition! So go and nominate your choices, after the nomimations are over we'll vote on them and the top ten will be our winners.

The rules are simple:
1. You can nominate only one song, which can be your own song if you so wish
2. Nominations are limited to existing songs, unless explicit permission is granted by [Orestez] or [Patricio]


[*username*] - [*songpagelink*]

[Orestez] - 22.Hallucinate

[pixie_shimmer] - 21.TALK (by [Moonknight])

[exmember6] - 100.BLEEDERS Song 2 (by [exmember8])

[honey bunny] -359.Harmless Music.Sawed Off Live - Reflection (by [Harmless]

[Harmless] - 127.Bogus PI (by [sloman])

[Moonknight] - [11.Boys Suck] (by [pixie_shimmer])

Username (or number or email):


2006-09-01 [Moonknight]: Yayyy! one of my songs is nominated? thank you Pixie ¤Huggles¤

2006-09-14 [honey bunny]: WOW all 6 of those are great songs...good luck to all

2006-10-11 [Harmless]: yeah, but when do we know i've won? ;-)

2006-10-12 [honey bunny]: lol..Harm your crazy..has to have a few days up first

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