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2008-10-12 16:01:28
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Wanted Intruments

MusMakers has decided not to add music instruments that no one plays. We're also trying to keep the different kinds of the same instrument down. So if there is trumpent, and only one member plays soprano trumpet, we ignore until there is a bigger demand for that. Playing a unique intrument is pretty cool, but if you want someone playing a dolphin skin bagpipe, you should try searching in the presentations instead ;-)

Wishing list

Instrument: Link to the member(s) wanting it

soprano trumpet:  [IrishTrumpet]
Turntables: [Orestez] [Jez]
mandolin: [Asfaloth] [Gooseberry][Rolo]
Trumpet: [Tysenaar] [Gooseberry] [James]
Flugalhorn: [Tysenaar]
Saxophone: [Tyrana], [Consider me deleted], [Cajianruler], [Paz], [-M]
Soprano saxophone: [Consider me deleted],[Cajianruler]
Tenor Saxophone: [Paz],[Cajianruler], [-M]
Alto Saxophone: [Cajianruler]
Mallet Percussion: [Consider me deleted]
Flute: [Shavo's lover][Nightshadow][melonmonster]
Piccolo: [Nightshadow]
Whistle: [Gooseberry] [Asfaloth]
Melodica: [Emily June]
Bagpipes: [Orestez]
Harmonica/Blues Harp: [Ironballs: The Remix] [Emily June]
Viola: [-Pi-] [James]
Irish tinwhistle: [-Pi-]
Cello: [abandonedhouse77] [James][pnelma tirian]
Banjo: [Rolo] [James]
Dobro: [James]
Ukulele: [Vintage Rhymes and Valentines]
Harp: [Asfaloth]

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2005-06-10 [Emily June]: I suppose the melodica isn't played that often?

2005-06-22 [Tyrana]: Hey... put it up there, anyway. You never know... There might be some melodica cult out there... ^_^ At the least, you might find one other person that plays one to chat with.

2005-06-23 [Emily June]: ^_^ that's true ;)

2005-07-02 [melonmonster]: what's a melodica?

2005-07-03 [Emily June]: -> I've got one like the the one on top. It's like an instrument with the keys of a piano, but less and in order to get sound out of it, you've got to blow on it like a flute ^__^

2005-07-05 [Hedda]: [Orestez]: Can you upload a song where you play a bagpipe?

2006-03-21 [Alto-girl]: hey do any of you know where to get sheet music for an alto sax for I Dont Want To Miss A Thing?

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