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2005-12-01 11:44:24
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All Alone
Just a test
Free to play
Just fooling around...
trying to create a song ^_^

Inspired by [Emily June] ;)
A song with no musics :O

So this is the first verse...
I did record this but my proper mic is playing up and does a high pitched noise in the background that is not nice to hear :/

- - - - - - - - -

Every time I
Pass the river
I hear you...call my name

It can't be
You left me
All Alone

2005-12-09 Emily June: What a sad song somehow! But very nice ^__^ It's always nice to see people when you hear them :)

2005-12-13 pixie_shimmer: *^_^* Well, I made the melody on the keyboard using only black keys (when I sing, I am probably not in tune with them though)
That might have something to do with the sadness feeling :) 

Thank you *^_^* and you inspired me to do without the music anyway :D

2006-03-17 zoloftzantac: Cool to have a video, yes this is a very sad song. I can feel it, and see it on you. I love musicals and the intense expresion of emotion that one can only achive thru music. This short piece was touching.

2006-03-20 pixie_shimmer: This is another song I might elaborate :)

*smiles at you* ^_^

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