[pixie_shimmer]: 11.Just a Tune

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2005-09-19 08:15:52
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Just another tune ;)

Also with Capo on 3rd fret :D

I love my Capo :D

2005-09-22 Sir. Robert: It feels kinda like a lullaby...could almost fall asleep to it (in a relaxed sort of way) *yawn

2005-09-22 pixie_shimmer: *^__^*
aye, I love this tune :)
It sounds oh so familiar though - I cannot figure out where from :)
*tucks you in*

2005-09-23 Sir. Robert: To tell you the truth... I did lay down while this was playing and I fell alsleep on my homework.

2005-09-23 pixie_shimmer: oh noes! xD
I hope it got done eventually ;)
but hmm ^_^ It is quite pretty, maybe one day lullaby words will made from it :)

2005-09-25 honey bunny: that is sweet...totally enjoyed it

2005-09-25 pixie_shimmer: *^__^*
thank you much :)

2006-03-17 zoloftzantac: oh, I like it, and it does feel very relaxing. I'm about to go to sleep for the night, I'm gonna leave it on repeat ^_^

2006-03-20 pixie_shimmer: *^___^*
heh, one day maybe I will make it into something :)
I feel like making something pretty :)
I am glad people seem to like it :D

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