[pixie_shimmer]: 11.Pixie Guitar Tune

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2005-09-19 07:56:35
guitar pixie short
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Pixie Guitar Tune
Missing components
Free to play
Ok, Just fooling around again.


G, C, D

Em, Am .... D

(Capo is on 3rd Fret)

2005-09-21 Moonknight: That's so short! you have to continue it, it sounds quite nice =)

2005-09-22 pixie_shimmer: hehe :P
I might continue it if I write some lyrics to go with it ^__^
and thank you :D

2006-09-10 Harmless: sounds like a good foundation for a good song. why not put it up for a MusMakers Collaboration thingy? It could very well turn out to be the MusMakers theme song!

2006-09-10 pixie_shimmer: Well anyone is free to play with it :)
I don't feel it is really a quality enough recording to openly stick it up though :(

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