[pixie_shimmer]: 11.Pretty Picker

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2005-09-19 07:45:26
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Pretty Picker
Missing components
Free to play
I first made this tune in highschool...which is years ago now :P
But, it gets played all the time...
Just the tune, I have never been able to create words or a melody to go with it :)

Chords -
Dm, Am, C, G, F


Now you can play along with the pixie!

2005-09-19 OVERTURE: Ahh Okay. Well I am gonna give a few mods..If you dont mind I am going to remove the beginning silence. I will try to remove the static from the mic as well.

2005-09-19 OVERTURE: This Collavb will take about an hour and a half It should be done in Two hours at most

2005-09-19 OVERTURE: I got something but it isnt much right now...I need to straighten out the strings section Its off a bit... did you know you changed the tempo THREE times!? I had a hard time catching it like the first hundred times! This is fun and challenging. I like both!

2005-09-19 pixie_shimmer: hehe *^__^* I did not have a timer thinger to go by :D I know my timing gets off sometimes too xD

2005-09-19 OVERTURE: I did what I could for the moment

2005-09-19 OVERTURE: You know whats funny...I didnt even Notice tha friggin Chord key you were using on the top of this page until just now...but strangely enough...I figured it out.

2005-09-19 pixie_shimmer: *^___^*
sillyyyy :P
Well done though *^_^*
I gues it was just lucky you did not pick one of the ones I used the Capo for :D

2005-09-19 exmember8: now i remember where i heard that Dm picking.... it's like the Metallica's Mama said.
no offence. :(

2005-09-20 pixie_shimmer: *^___^*
How could I be offended by that? :P

2005-09-20 exmember8: just making sure. :P

2005-09-20 pixie_shimmer: *patpat* :D

2005-09-25 honey bunny: nice...i can hear words running through my head for this...trying to think what it reminds me off...yea i do like it

2005-09-25 pixie_shimmer: yay :D
[exmember8] was reminded of something too after hearin g this ^_^

I have not been able to think of lyrics for this piece...and I have been playing it for years now... :-/

2005-09-25 honey bunny: the words come easy to me it is the notes that allude me..lol

2005-09-25 pixie_shimmer: *^_^*
This is why Musmakers Collaborations is good for :D

I have trouble finding a subject to write about :-/
I did not used to have that problem :)

2005-09-25 honey bunny: humm me thanks shall have to check it out

2005-09-25 pixie_shimmer: w00t! ^__^

2005-09-25 honey bunny: ahhh many thanks that may bee where i need to be *.*

2005-09-25 pixie_shimmer: you are welcome :D Spread the wordd!

2005-12-01 Moorn: I wish I could play acoustic so cleanly. o.o The strummed part sounds a lot like my Contrast, but done so much more skillfully, and more complex. I like. o.o ^^!

2005-12-01 pixie_shimmer: I don't know about skill :/ :P

I also don't think I used a pick - which is why it might sound different? I don't know :O

Alllso - you said yours was improvised ^_^
I have been playing my wee tune for a long time now :P
And I like yours too ;) And encourage you to do more acoustic guitarsness :)

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