[Keyshika]: 136.Snowflakes

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2006-04-22 21:24:52
guitar snow snowflakes song tune
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Ok, a new version of my first song ever. :P

2005-09-20 Keyshika: Pixiiiies ^___^

2005-09-21 pixie_shimmer: Keyyys! :D

2005-09-21 Keyshika: :D *glomps back*

2005-11-14 pixie_shimmer: omg Keys! Record some more! :P

2005-11-14 Keyshika: Omgs bitbatbetbotbut I'm teh bads and make mistakez when I recordeth and then it's teh bug me and... :O And I don't have much time, and and...

2005-11-14 Keyshika: I do try, though. :P

2005-11-15 pixie_shimmer: well, I suppose that is acceptable ;)

2005-12-30 exmember6: marvelous!

2005-12-30 Keyshika: Thanks. ;)

2006-02-22 OVERTURE: I dont really hear any problems. A few accidentals but you could make it seem like it was on purpose lol ^_^

2006-02-22 Keyshika: Hah, thanks. xD
I reeeeaally need to upload a new version, though, this is ridiculous. xD

2006-04-08 zoloftzantac: I like it, the melody is very cool. It does feel like winter to me, and I can imagine snow flakes falling. Tons of potential, I'll keep an eye out for the new version. :)

2006-04-08 Keyshika: Ah, thanks! :) I really wish to rerecord it and all my new songs, I've learnt so much since then... needing a new mic, though.

2006-04-11 Dea: simple and clear recording. i like it.

2006-04-11 Keyshika: ^_^
*wants a new mic*

2006-09-22 Vintage Rhymes and Valentines: Very cool, I've always liked this piece and I have listened to it quite a few times over the last couple of weeks. I'm just to lazy to comment lol.
Congrats on being featured too.

2006-09-23 Keyshika: Wow, thanks. :D

2006-09-30 Orestez: I really like this tune. Its soft, subtle, and has dramatic mood shifts. I look forward to what you have to offer in the future.

2006-09-30 Keyshika: Thanks. I'll try to get something new up, I have really learned a lot. :)

2007-01-06 Nick: you need to watch your key changes and your switches betwwen major and minor, make em more fluid, instead of an open E, and the disonance at the end was good, but needs a bit of work

2007-01-06 Keyshika: I'd say everything needs a lot of work...

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