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2005-06-25 14:38:15
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Collaboration Example


Just to make things a little clearer and show some results, here is an example of a collaborative work, along with the explanation of how it was done.

If we are giving an example, what better than to use a really nice one?
Listen to 21.TALK

Now, this is a collaboration between [Moonknight] and [Sunrose].
How was it done? Simple. [Moonknight] was inspired by [Sunrose] to make this song. So he wanted her on it. He briefly explained what he needed, asking her for a recording of a few words. When she had the file ready, she just sent it to him and he made the recording as if it was on an answering machine and as if she was answering the phone later. Then he mixed it along with the song and the sounds he got from a free site on the internet. And voila, you have a collaborative work!

If you have examples you wish to add, message [Patricio].

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