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Radio Chat

 Here's a wiki for anyone who cares to join the radio crew in the lovely world of IRC chat and also for those wishing to become a dj since there's currently a two week chat requirement before becoming a broadcaster ¬.¬



 Now for fledgeling chatters it may just be simpler to join through java. If you're content with dedicating a browser window solely to chat then there are two links I can give you.

- will send you to #radio on This is the room all dj's are required to be in but not where the majority of the chatting occurs.

- takes you to #radio-guru on the server. This room is where many people chat as well as where you are able to requests songs and are assured of having them played.

 A simple enough thing clicking on links. There are also other chatrooms available on the servers and once you join chatters would be happy to assist you in finding the ones to your taste :)


1. [#Downloading mIRC]
2. [#Connecting to a Server]
3. [#Joining Rooms]

  mIRC is an IRC chat application. While it's not the only application to be used it is found to be the easiest to run. In a few simple steps I will walk you through the mIRC connection process.

1. Download mIRC from You will be given a 30 day trial period and asked to pay, don't worry about this. Once you hit 30 days it just gives you an annoying red flashy window instead of an annoying blue one, you're still free to use the program :) A tutorial for installation can also be found at so if you experience any problems there check that out.

2. Now you need to fill in some parameters in order to connect. When you open mIRC you will see a variety of icons on the top toolbar, you'll need to click on the folder with a hammer (located beside the lightning bolt). This is the mIRC options folder and once it is open you will be viewing the Connect window. In this window you need to fill out:

- Your name (Doesn't have to be your real name)
- Email address (Doesn't even have to be an email addy, any word will work)
- Nickname (Pick a unique name, many people are on these servers and there can be no two names the same. As a result you will be guestified.)
- Alternative nick (A secondary nickname incase your first is already registered or in use and therefore unusable)

 After you've filled out the Connect window you'll want to venture to the list on the right and click Connect > Servers. Once here you'll have a decision about which server you want to join first. Don't worry though, with mIRC you can be on both servers at once so it doesn't really matter. In order to have this section working properly the scroll boxes must say:

- IRC Network: All
- IRC Server: Here's where your decision comes in.
  ~ If you wish to join the main chat server then open the scroll down bar and find IRCHighway: Random Server The list is in alphabetical order so it shouldn't be too hard.
  ~ If you want to join the peercommons server (A requirement for any DJ's) then you will need to add the server address. Simply click the Add button and fill in as follows:
   - Description: Whatever you want the server to be called in your list. Peercommons is fine.
   - IRC Server:
   - Port(s): 6660 - 6669
   - Group and Password: These don't need to be filled.

 These are the only windows that must be filled out in order to connect. You can go and fiddle with the others after and adjust the settings to your liking.

  Once you have these filled out you're ready to connect. Now just click Connect to Server and away you go. If you want to connect to both servers at once then check the box New Server Window found above the Connect to Server button. Then go select the remaining of the two servers from your server list found at Connect > Servers and click Connect To Server again. Voila! now you're connected to both servers.

3. Now that you're connected it's fairly easy to join the channels. Just make sure you have the right channel for each server.

- For type in /join #radio-guru
- For type in /join #radio

  Congratulations! You are now part of the radio IRC community. Feel free to wander to other channels as well and don't be afraid to chat with others. If English isn't your first language don't worry, there's plenty of people that speak languages other than English. Just ask and you're sure to find Dutch, Italian, Deutsch and even the odd Finn :O

***Coming Soon!***

A FAQ page for all those questions that just aren't getting answered here or any other MusMakers Audiocast wiki's

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